Mrs. Fezziwig - CST Cambridge, MA
Mrs. Fezziwig - CST Cambridge, MA

Fezziwig Dance in A Christmas Carol (w/Vincent Ernest Siders) at Central Square Theatre directed by Debra Wise. Photo by Nile Scott Hawver

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Photo by Genevieve de Manio

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Liliane Klein
Liliane Klein

Photo by Robert Kazandjian

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Mrs. Fezziwig - CST Cambridge, MA
Mrs. Fezziwig - CST Cambridge, MA

Fezziwig Dance in A Christmas Carol (w/Vincent Ernest Siders) at Central Square Theatre directed by Debra Wise. Photo by Nile Scott Hawver

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Liliane Klein Film Speed Reel

Liliane Klein TV Speed Reel

Latest News!


Christmas Fix on Lifetime

July, 2021

This holiday season, catch Liliane Klein in the Lifetime TV Movie "Christmas Fix" directed by Brian Herzlinger and starring Jana Kramer, Ryan McPartlin, and Maria Menounos.


Maui Juice Mashup

July, 2021

Original Mashup of "You're Welcome" by Lin Manuel Miranda and "Juice" by Lizzo. Conceived by Liliane Klein. Recorded on 7/12/21 at Fox Run Studios in Sudbury, MA


The Suicide Play by Audrey Cefaly

April, 2021

April 29 @ 7pm EST - Liliane Klein and Mark Byrne will present The Suicide Play by Audrey Cefaly in Spectrum Arts Productions' monthly showcase.


Blackout by Todd Stones

April, 2021

April 18 @ 7pm EST - Liliane Klein will direct and facilitate a free public developmental reading/q+a of Blackout by Canadian playwright, Todd Stones


Page to Stage Triquetra

April, 2021


Every Monday @ 4:30pm EST led by Tessie Herrasti, Liliane Klein, and Katie Beckvold - A continuous weekly open practice session for all experience levels and artistic concentrations. Feed your body, mind, and spirit with our Triquetra Team. We begin each week with a half hour of strength and cardio "zoom cleanse" led by Tessie followed by Acting and Alexander Technique with Lili and Katie.


Boston Playwrights’ Theatre presents:


March, 2021

March 26 @ 9:30am EST, directed by Cliff Odle -  Liliane Klein, Christie Lee Gibson, and Richard Snee will read Survive the Night by Mathilde Kaldi from International School of Boston in Cambridge.



February, 2021


Every Sunday @ 2pm EST led by Liliane Klein and Katie Beckvold with Lau Lapides Studio - A continuous weekly workout for all experience levels and artistic concentrations. Practice connection, community, and accountability to your craft with Acting and The Alexander Technique. The Tribe is a "senior- centered" affinity space for ages 50+ only. 


Havard Pilgrim Red Sox Commercial

September, 2020

Liliane Klein will appear in the 13 Week Harvard Pilgrim Commercial Spot on local television stations in and around the Boston, MA market.


"The Phlebotomist" (Online Reading) with Central Square Theater

June, 2020

Hear Liliane Klein read "Interlude #4" in Central Square Theater's Online Reading of The Phlebotomist written by Ella Road and directed by Cassie Chapados.



May, 2020

Yesterday, today, and tomorrow: Black. Lives. Matter.

While it is very likely that the present Global Anti-Racist Movement is compounded by the circumstances of the COVID pandemic, it does not make this movement any less urgent. The time is OVERDUE to take a stand. The time is NOW to lead the way to change by setting up a course of accountability. Accountability begins with a statement of where you stand in the fight against racisim. It begins with saying: Racism is wrong. No matter what your political, religious, or sociological views are. Whether intentionally or unintentionally complicit in the systemic racism that exists within our communities we irrevocably acknowledge it now and will fight with all our strength to eradicate Racism even as we stumble through creating a brave new anti-racist world.

"Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better." - Maya Angelou

All Lives don't matter until Black Lives do. It is our responsibility to lift each other up and amplify each other's voices especially now - rather than staying silent. Because silence speaks VOLUMES.

"White supremacy won't die until White people see it as a White issue they need to solve rather than a Black issue they need to empathize with." - Dwayne Reed

An actress, singer, and plus size model working in Boston, New York, and Los Angeles. Have passport, will travel.
Particularly good with animals and talented, passionate, inspiring humans of all ages. :-)