Hats in the Ring(light)

Cellular Commercial (Silent Comedy)

There are many different factors that go into booking a role. Every audition is an opportunity to create and nurture existing relationships by preparing consistently high quality and thoughtful work. So even if I don't book the job at hand, I rarely consider it a closed door. I have always embraced the journey just as much as the destination. Here's a sample of my creative process - a raw glimpse into the jobs not booked, but the auditions that make the journey worthwhile...

Vote.org (OUTRAGEOUS Broad Comedy)
1776 (Dramatic Musical Theatre)

PREPARATION Talent should film themselves reacting to artwork in their home.  Tourists should show quirky behavior as well as intent focus. We want a woman with wild hair and a knowledgeable looking male guide. The woman with the hair is a big stand out.


Windy Hair Woman - Female Tourist - Hair is windblown, quirky

Male or Female, 40s-50s. Cast colorblind.

Option 1 (click to view audition)
Looking for a pitchman/pitchwoman who can sell any product with confidence and poise. Because the product is so ridiculous, we’re looking for someone who can play the part straight, with a serious, straightforward tone. Think Colonial Penn life insurance  spokesperson or a 60 minutes reporter.

Option 2 (Click to view audition)
Looking for a classic pitchman/pitchwoman who can sell any product with humor and confidence. They should be borderline ridiculous with a sales-y, likeable, campy personality. Think somewhere between Billy Mays and Phil Swift, the Flex Seal guy.
This actor should have range – need them to be over-the-top enthusiastic in the front and straightforward/honest at the end as we transition into talking about real ballot rejection issues.

PREPARATION Prepare either 1) Uptempo piece from music theater canon or 2) a contemporary monologue focused on direct address or 3) a combo of both. Individuals of all races, ages, and gender identities are encouraged to audition for any role below. Many of the below roles will be doubled.

Edward Rutledge: Molasses to Rum

Julius Caesar (Dramatic Shakespeare)


The character breakdowns are broad by design. We are open to being surprised, and to having actors shape our ideas of who the characters are. We are interested in seeing how actors manage language and create specific characters. To that end, please prepare any Shakespearean monologue, written in verse, from any play in the canon.

CASSIUS, A Roman Senator and Conspirator - Any gender. 30’s – 50’s. Volatile.